vain. i am vain as you say. yes. i do acknowledge the blood of vanity flowing in my tiniest vein.
thanks to you i’ve known that vanity can be as simple as constant application of hair gel and can be as complicated as trying to gain company by force.

i was amazed of how you can sense vanity miles away from people. you must have mastered the art so much that you can see even the tiniest glint of it in every people that passes by your sharp eyes.

i know you are vain.
i know you enjoy your constant power trips
you have so much power and you know how to use it.
yes, you are influential. you are infectious like freshly released venom from a king cobra.
you invade the blood, the heart and the mind of the people around you.
you are too powerful that i see you both in my dreams and in my nightmares.

i never really cared about vanity.
who cares if all of us are vain? everyone has their own camera. let them take pictures of themselves. so what if people blog about themselves? so what if some kill out of fancy? so what if a tyrant keeps on being a tyrant?
i always see vanity as a selfish trait-
an innate selfish characteristic of humans to shun away unwanted emotions, to display pride and to have a sense of self satisfaction.

because of you, i’ve realized that the vanity inherent in great people does not always entail selfishness.

yes. you are generously vain.
your generosity is great, but is often painful.
you share your greatness, your talents and your gifts; but pain, suffering and sacrifice always comes with the package.

i am vain that’s why i wrote this.

thank you for sharing me your vanity.


Jigs said...

Everyone's vain! Its just the intensity that differs!

Vanity can really be scary, it can lead to pride, selfishness and even hate. It blinds a person.

zeus-zord said...

being vain is not a sin

it is only that when it becomes mor than wathit should be..

or wat eve

my point

same as jigs, we are all vain. and it if in the eye of th other person to see how vain you are, which practically differs from everybosy else

(wa da hell am i sayingm parang walang sense)


& said...

tama si jigs. vanity is common to all people, iba't iba lang talaga ang GRADO ng pagiging vain natin.

ako, di ako cam-whore pero napaka-VAIN ko. puro clay sa buhok. nakakagago na nga minsan eehhh..

ayun. :P

kasalanan ba ang maging gwapo?

(oi, di ako nagyayabang. wala ako sinasabing gwapo ako. )

Anonymous said...

vain - how do you define it?

I was a bit lost in the discourse (and already read it twice).

*vanity is it really inherent in great people? or great means otherwise?

waaah.. irvin, the article was nice, but I'm lost.

Juice said...

Yeah I'm vain too I admit, but as long as you use the vanity in a good way, and not affect other people then who cares diba?

It just sucks when you're vain and it's totally up to the wrong point. Great post, I loved it! Haha miss yah~

Anonymous said...


kalalaki kong tao.... vain... wahahhaha basta... more of hygiene

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