train of thoughts

you keep on telling me that i haven't moved on yet
but you yourself are tied with your past.

i have struggled hard to get out of the box and face the world again.
i was thankful that the world accepted me with cheers, as if i've won a million from game ka na ba.

i thought it was your hand that offered me help, or so i thought.
but it can't be possible.

you were with me in the box.
we were stuck together in the same abyss of atachment and memories.
the thing is we were not able to notice each other because we were both busy removing ourselves from the chains of the past.

i thought you've already removed your chains.
i thought i already saw you floating outside the box.
i thought i heard you yelling at me "move on!, move on!"

thoughts. cunning thoughts.

sometimes,we have to move out to move on.

1 comment:

gif said...

so true! often i find myself in the same situation... always pulled into the same familiar circumstances that i can't seem to break away from. sometimes it's easier to break free when you look at things in other point of view. thus, you just gotta get of the box 'coz that's the only way you'll know if you've really broken from the habit. =)

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