teflon anyone?

come on! accept the fact that she sticks with you because she benefits from you.
just accept it! some girls are just mean!
those authentic biatches!

just accept that you've been one of those guys fooled by these bitches who not just stash your pockets after draining your cum but also hit you on the head by hooking up with your friends-yes, even girl friends!

when will you wake up on your fantasy?
take this for example:

Nobody gonna love me better, I must stick wit u forever
Nobody gonna take me higher, I must stick wit u
You know how to appreciate me, I must stick wit u, my baby
Nobody ever made me feel this way, I must stick wit u

a mean biatch song shrouded in a pop-pseudo RNB melody.

i must stick wit u-because nobody's gonna love me better.
a sheer proof of a friendly user.

just hand me a handful of non-stick teflon.


what can i do?
i just happened to have sensitive olfactory senses.
i can't help but notice the breath of the person sitting next to me while i am typing this post.
can't he be sensitive enough to do himself a favor and purchase an air freshener for his mouth?
i don't know if it's coincidence, but most on-line gamers on internet shops seem to neglect their oral duties.
what could be worst than the smell of rotten mice on their mouth!


Anonymous said...

ang galing mong mag analyze ha ...may ibang meaning pala sayo yang kantang yan :) akoy hanga at higit sa lahat ang galing ng pang amoy mo lol!!!!taas kamay ko sayo grabe :)

jho said...

grabe ayos ka dude! nga lang, favorite ko pa naman ang song na yan... =(

Anonymous said...

hehehe.. ok.. may mga guys din naman na ganun.. pero agree ako sa kanila.. di ko nakita ung song na yan sa ganyang perspective..=)

lojika said...

oooppsss. sorry!!! i love the song and i don't think it's for bitches. for me it's a matter of trust and not what you thought it's about. i don't think the artist's trying to imply that idea.(you're a writer yourself;now think!) and another thing some guys are also users and sometimes even worse than bitches.

and for those guys with 'shit' on their mouth. i suggest, you better be the one to bring freshener and be kind enough to offer them some. i think that would be of great help! eheheh....

Mmy-Lei said...

ur right man, really some girls are so MEAN especially the teflon type... they are the f****g bitch.

Teflon type scattered here, but... not only girls, guys too as well..

thanks for the visit... like ur post...

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