ok. so i did not wear red today, so as to deviate from the bloody red hype of valentines day.

don't get me wrong. iam not bitter; this is not intended to sound bitter in the first place.

valentines day for me has always been ordinary like the other days of the year. aside from the buckets of flowers everywhere, the smooching couples, the hopeless romantics, the bitter singles, and the contented singles, life is still the same.


any ordinary day becomes memorable and symbolic if you will take the effort to make it special. therefore, any ordinary day can be as special as today.

most people celebrate this day to "formalize" their mushiness, bitterness, romances, perkiness and many other esses.
most people often find this day as an official day of love:
love for your partner, love for your girlfriend, love for your social exchange partner, love for your friends and what have you.

and amidst the seemingly overwhelming diffusion of love in the air, most of us forget a kind of love that is often neglected, but is ironically supposed to be innate in all of us: self-love.

yes. self-love. i want to take this oportunity to encourage all of us to take a little step back and reflect how much we gave ourselves attention, care and respect.

this kind of self-love is far from being narcissistic. it is a deeper kind of love that an individual must realize to dignify him/herself. it is the kind of love each of us must always bear in mind to boost our ego and self-respect.

the realization of your strengths and weaknesses and the acceptance of the totality of your persona (the fusion of your physical, mental and psychological aspects), goes well with self-love.

i'd still stick to the saying that you are your bestfriend and your enemy.

it will always be a constant self-battle.
if you love yourself, you need to be prepared to get hurt and crashed, for realizing your weaknesses and accepting your faults can be really devastating.
but we need not worry.
after all, the pain and struggles will make us rise from the ashes like the phoenix.

you cannot effectively give out love if you yourself do not love yourself.

many people are wondering why most relationships won't work out,
but the problem with most people is that they involve themselves in relationships to experience love, to receive love, without bearing into mind that they too must give out love; in order to do so, they must first love themselves

this valentine's day, before you make out or please your so-called loved ones, give yourself a favor, and tell yourself how much you love you.

this valentine's day (even everyday),
let's love ourselves.
let's spread love.

i'm sure cupid won't mind us giving love to ourselves.

happy valentines.


jay-p said...

Yesterday I saw way too much pink. I think red is more tolerable.

Obi Macapuno said...

communal hive mind ng mga pinoy worked. marami din naka-pink dito last Valentine's.

red on a Heart's Day is outright faggish.

Talamasca said...

Yeah. Quoting from Whitney Houston: "I found the greatest love of all... Inside of me... Learning to love yourself... It is the greatest love of all."

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