eyebags and icebag

I used to think that indulging myself to loads and loads of work could at least numb me from physical pains and could make me deaf from all my screaming thoughts; oh well, I am wrong.

Two weeks have already passed since the grueling production work started and I am starting to think that I am having difficulties telling the difference between the sun and the moon. Seriously, production works acted as a vacuum that sucked up my life (literally and figuratively).

I was robbed of my time to pamper myself, I was robbed of my time to sleep, I was robbed of my time to think, I was robbed of my time to study, and worst of all, I was robbed of my time to socialize.

I was so busy doing the prod works that I took for granted some other important things to do; like for instance, sleep. Two weeks have I and my other fellow prod staff been deprived of sleep that zits and eye bags are forming assemblies on our faces!

Focus was slowly drifting away from my consciousness. My spanish sentences were worse than chabacano and visayan language bastardized. My muscles were swelling like that of a cow and my head was slowly being populated by white hair.

It was difficult to construct a decent storyline for your playwriting class if your body and brain is begging for sleep.

For now, here’s my storyline:
Title: fiascum practicum
The plot: I am engaged in a theatre production practicum that ate up most of my time
The conflicts: Love must be set aside, friends, acads and other social commitments must be compromised, against the production work
Must sell all remaining 1000++ tickets, but still needs to study
The climax: happens every night, happens everytime we have to meet our deadlines
Conclusion: To be concluded after the play dates.


ie said...

astig naman ng play mo. saan mo nakuha yung inspirasyon? he he. =)

Ron said...

nce blog, will start to read ur entry.. but the page loads so slow..
maybe bcoz of the bulitas or my server..
anyways kip it cool!

Jot Abordo said...

hala...take care of urself..bawala magkasakit....heheh..and always set a time for urself...especially to sleep..dats the only thing that would reenergize us..

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