Icings and Icebags

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Time will come Icings and Icebags will melt.
It will be the time for us to wake up on our subconscious slumber, take a step back, and face the bigger picture.

Character Level Up!
Straining your eyes for hours in front of the computer like a masochist just to fulfill your goal.

Last December, my father was sent by the government as one of the UN contingent troops of the Philippines to Liberia.

What merely drove him from going there is the desire to generate an ample amount of money for the family.

Amidst the raging civil war there, he kept himself alive and motivated by his goals.

Character died.

Just recently, the army truck that he was driving stumbled down the steep hills of Liberia.

He and his companion suffered serious damage.

Luckily, he managed to get himself alive.

His companion suffered severe physical damage.

Currently, my father lost his ability to walk.

Right now, he is under therapy.

Up to now, there is still faint help from the UN forces.

Character Revived.

Ceaseless watching of telenovelas having the rewind, uncut, complete edition, subtitles.

Endless drooling over Darna's bombshell.

My aunt is to fly to Italy.

Cliche-to work there as a TNT.

To generate money for the family.

From Hongkong, she will take a 14 hour trip to Russia.

From then, another 10 hour plane trip to Vienna.

From Vienna, still 10 more hours of train to Italy.

Watching airheads every night on primetime TV.

Litening to Radioactive Sago Project's Gin Pomelo while inhaling katol.

Indulging yourself to endless eating.

Drowning yourself to the soporific voice of Tori Amos

My mother left abroad just recently.

After a month (which appers to me to be only a week) she heads back to UAE to take care of other children and other people.

I felt bad I took summer classes in LB.

I wasn't able to fill some gaps between me and my mom.

My sister just told me she cried before she left.

Hopping on malls everyday even if it rains.

Walking from Cubao to Ortigas.

Singing Hallelujah with Bamboo.

Today, we are all succumbed to filling ourselves with Icings and Icebags.

The fever of normality is fast inching its way into our systems.

Most things that we do seem to be routinary.

Problems are not faced.

Depressions are countered with repressions.

Icebags null ourselves for a while.

Just for a while.

Icings give us pleasure. (and calories)

Icings melt after some time.

Hanggang ako'y humihinga, may pag-asa pa.

Gin Pomelo.

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Anonymous said...

tunaw na ang icing ko!

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