Valium time day

Dragging day. Lots of paper works.

I lost my diskette full of my supposed-to-be-private pictures.

I'm not yet ready to join the bandwagon of pictures and videos that proliferate the internet and cellular phones.

Feb Fair was still dim.
Electrical power crisis here in Elbi.
Good thing the food are nice.
My debate sucks.

It's a nice thing that Caty at least experienced orgasmic joy on the last minutes of Valentines.

Her fantasy suddenly faded a few minutes after 12.
Her smile was stil there.
Still, paperworks until now.
How I wish cupid would literally hit my teacher's heart with his pointed arrow. :)


Anonymous said...

ey. tnx 4 droppin by my blog.

i'll be sure to link u up as well, pag may oras na.

advent said...

ei there. i've been bulitas-ed. thanks. hehe. :)

Anonymous said...

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