i am high as fuck right now.
again, another time of doing this with someone else aside form you.
no. this is not my first time getting high with a tranger. though this ain't a stranger no more. we've been together for the past couple of days. a kid. way younger than me. and by kid i meant someone who likes to party and shit.
i am high as fuck right now
and i have never seen the beauty of the embers of a burning cigarette before.
it's like my eyes became my 50mm lens with 1.8 , no make that 1.4 aperture.
motherfuckinshitballs the emers dude they look wonderful. with some fiery floral patterns that resemble those stained-glass from the old churches. fuck man this is so cool.
like burn man.
and smoke, of course.


Ryan See said...

Can you tell me more about how it feels like to be high with a stranger?

bulitas said...

i will try my best to write about it soon :)

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