of journeys and good luck

i could've texted you but i prefer writing a slightly longer message.

i hope your travels gave you some wonderful memories that you can cherish as you blossom into a more beautiful creature.

i am  so proud of you with all the good things that are happening at your life and with your growth as a person.

you know i will always be proud to have you as a friend right?

oh also, i hope the travels have made your heart happier and stronger and more resilient to bullshits. lol

i wish i can travel soon. i mean, i will. i will be in new york city soon.

and i hope these travels can make my heart grow stronger too.

i always admire you for your strength as a person and your strength in standing tall against all of the shitballs thrown at you by life.

i miss you.

your heart money goodluck charm is working. it is awesome.
thank you for that.

cheers to amazing future journeys in life together!

anyway, hope to see you soon.



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