never trust a man in fedora riding the midnight train

the back of one of the chairs of the train was tagged with a jagged heart with the words:

"i love you george. i love you my punk!"

it seemed like it was etched by a really sharp object. most probably a tiny knife of sort.

it is short, sweet and motherfuckin memorable. 

i swear if someone would do the same to me, i would melt on the spot like the dozens of ice creams that i have consumed for the past year or so.

the person who did it is brave enough to record his/her profesison of love on teh fuckin backseat of a motherfuckin public train.


a girl on a wheelchair who looks like a more beautiful version of lady gaga (probably because of her nose and eye make-up) boarded the car with her tall friend wearing an all black booty shorts, some nice boots and fitted black shirt.

 a man wearing a fedora followed them.

they all reek of alcohol.

the guy is tall. wearing an all black ensemble with a fedora hat as an accent to his balding head.

i sat a few seats away from them. i was anticipating  morpheus' arrival when an obnoxious fight ensued among the three. 

shouting, bickering and smart-assing happened.

they fought over a pen.

cops came.

lady gaga on a wheelchair and her friend sat beside me.

after the fedora guy left, they both laughed and screamed "never trust a guy with a fedora"


trackback to the amtrak train aka hogwarts express a few hours earlier.

went to the bathroom to relieve my bladder. i was in the middle of peeing when the door slid open.

a family saw me.

they were in shock.

going back to the crazy red line post-midnight trip:

an african-american girl with her girlfriend boarded the train from hollywood. a few stops later, the other girl unleashed almost a bucket of poorly concocted undigested cereals, meet stuff and alcohol. nasty shit-ass fuck. 

my train car became a party car. you can hear cheers. people snapping photos and taking videos of the poor girl throwing up.

while all of this is happening, a tall, handsome manly dude kept smiling at me. he winked before he exited the door. 

i got home at like 2 in the morning.

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