tangina mo lang pag-ibig ka

philippine noontime show eat bulaga has been making me laugh like a maniac over the past few days.

i love it when their crew visit baranggays and raffle a lucky winner living in the deep street labyrinths of manila.

their inside jokes tickle me. for some weird reason the organic happiness and laughter coming from the hosts, the audience and the contestants seem to reach me inside me room hundreds of thousands of miles away from the philippines.

i miss my country and their happy people.

i mean, poverty and all shit combined, the philippines is a relatively happier country than america.

watching the show makes me feel like i am also travelling with the hosts who visit different families everyday. it makes me feel like i am a part of them, makes me feel like i am a part of this social learning process.  i mean , you hear the stories, the dramas, the fun, the different family angles and at special cases, you hear something really crazy and unexpected.

i was all sweaty and laughing like crazy watching this segment when the lucky lady contestant in bleached hair dropped a huge bomb that silenced the laughter for a while.

"my husband just died. he committed suicide. hanged himself up our ceiling."

eat bulaga host: "why? how?"

the blonde lady winner narrated the story under the heat of the sun.

there is this disquieting silence that enveloped the air.

"last night we were drinking. he told me he loves me very much."

eat bulaga host: "and what did you tell him?"

"i told him nothing. i mean, i am assuming that he knows it already. i mean, mmm uhmm i can't i mean, lord knows how i feel about him."

eat bulaga host: " why did you not tell him you love him?"

blonde lady winner: (silence)

fuck you love.
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