New Year's Wish for EVERYONE

I wish that you find that ONE person who will truly care for you. Bear with me. I mean this may sound cheesy but life is mix of complicated cheeses anyway. I am writing here again perhaps because I have a surge , no a wave, a fuckin tsunami of emotions at this point.

But anyway, going back to my point I mean this wish for everyone: I wish that YOU will eventually meet that one specific person who will make you feel secured, loved, cared for, and appreciated.

Why am I saying this? Just because I feel like everyone deserves to be happy at some point in their lives.
I mean genuine unabashed kind of happiness.

Maybe this is wishful thinking. Maybe.
But I mean, also maybe the universe is listening. So never stop wishing.

And in the meantime, be happy and contented with what you have, whatever you have and whoever it is around you.

Make it work for you.



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