only if

you can read this
then you can own it
but you see, this may or may not be for you
because this message is an expression
of gratitude
to that who pursues and makes
the stars seem more alive and brighter
with passion and positive


Unknown said...

Bulitz, Bulitz, Bulitz. Ano na balita sa yo at parang di ka na maka move on, fren? It gives you material to write, yes, and nothing makes me hard as much these days than seeing maintained blogs. Yes, no shit. I don't want to believe that you are now reduced to some sap homo that lives in the past. And I know that writing about it is most therapeutic. Trust me, girlfriend, I've been there, and my blog bore witness to five years that got flushed down the toilet. No, you keep doing what you're doing until you are satisfied. You get to it. And I will keep lurking.

Hoyyy! What about your Sleeves post? Are we talking about ink here? That's some rocking fruit you got going. Remember to post pictures okay?

Apir, Bulitz!

bulitas said...

Dear Momel. You just made my day. haha
Well just got inked. Fresh pa! Woot!
Also, move on an move on nako dear friend haha!

Yay may nagbabasa pa pala ng blog ko lol

Anyway, here are my new shits:

Unknown said...

Ayun oh, may tattoo oh! Apir, Bulitz! MInsan mag compare tayo ng mga tattoo ha? Sleeves talaga? Tindehhh! Full sleeve na agad?

Haha, see, tattoos excite me.

Anyway, oo, binabasa ko pa rin ung mga posts mo, and I admire your output. Very consistent ha.

At! Big time photographer na! I am humbled fren. Congratulations to you! Muahness from Pasig Cirehhh!

Trending tong copy paste comments na to ano? Haha, apir!

bulitas said...


Eh di ako sure kung mababasa mo eh.
tiny tatt pa lang
ung sleeve pinaplano ko pa
Pero I want one. GUsto ko maging kick ass lolo someday haha

Well , I am humbled and honored na binabasa mo pa din ang kaartehan ko sa blog na 'to haha

I try to balance writing and shooting and loving. lol anudaw?


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