shut the fat down

caveat: random post which may not make any sense coming right up

sometimes you want to.

where the fuck is the shutdown button again?
channeling the secret now.
fuckin jason mraz on the radio again? come on.
and you just want to fuckin shutdown
why oh why when it rains, it gives you a signal number 4 typhoon?
come the fuck on. haha.
have you ever hugged or kissed anyone who never reacted to you at all?
that's how it is. i mean, this lingering feeling of shittiness. lol
and how do i make this post invisible?
it's like the fats that a lot of people trying to hide.
or something like that.
aaand i smile.


1 comment:

neko said...

because neko, when it rains, it's four. LOL!

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