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after 39 days i saw it. yes that sounds kind of lame. i was actually about to tell you to write again and i am glad that you did. i am a fan of your writing and your mind. you know that from the beginning.
your wit is sexy and i hope you know that.
i just want you to know that you never escaped my mind. ever.
deep down inside me, i still think of you and how you are, and how safe you are, and how the universe is treating you. because honestly, you are very very important and every blessed day that i wake up, i think of you and pray that you will be safe and that your day will be ok.
know what else i miss? being closer to you. closer not just in a physical sense, but in a deeper spiritual and metaphysical sense.
trust me that i try. i try to do things to bridge the gaps, but sometimes eternal factors or some things that i have no control of create walls and barricades and excuses to create space, and well distance.
i am not running. i am not running away. i felt hurt, left alone, and needed time to heal. and now, i am healed. better.
you remember how i always tell you that you are one of the few brave persons that i know? i still believe that.
confusion possessed me too. same thoughts run at my head when you thought that someone has robbed me from you. but know this-
and no one has ever robbed me from you.
i want to know you
: )
let us talk.
talk is cheap.
talk to me.
and i love it when you do.
no more guessing, chasing, and confusion.
talk to me.
whenever you want. call. talk.
am not asking for anything specific. we don’t have to talk about anything specific.
i just wanna hear you.
your stories.
: )

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Mary, Quite Contrary said...

neko, you have to read this article because you will love it and two, i know you will be moved. love you!

- neks

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