when you stop saying goodmorning to people i guees it doesnt really make a difference like whether you have been awake for days or not really and when someone pointed out that you look like a panda i guess it's not as bad as it seems because pandas are cute huge animals not as cute as the huge man on the bus blasting katy perry's wide awake from his earphones on loop during the whole duration of my trip which is like thirty fuckin minutes and i am drained and sleepy and never close to being awake at that point because when you feel like there's a tiny imp clutching your heart and if you feel like there are dogs huddled on top of your shoulders and if you feel like a large hippo just stepped at your foot and if you feel like your back has been used as a punching bag of angry angsty teens with raging hormones you just wanna sleep and call it a day and doze the fuck off but you cannot because you have to move forward and you have to carry ooon like that fun song which is not really fun at all and even though people tell you to pause you said you will but you just can't because you just have to move forward and ending will come when it's supposed to come and end as your last word is so cliche like a period in most sentences like a period in alomost everyone's life like a period because when you make a period out of something they become a dot and then dots disappear in the

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