it's not black sabbath. i am quite sure of it. not even metallica. trust me. i know.

you see there was once a significant portion of my life when i listen to metallica almost every other day so i am certain that it's not them.

could be slipknot, system of a down or avenged sevenfold. man, am not really sure. what i know is that the shit is making her bang her head on his very thin frame outlined by the rain.

from my perspective she seems cool. i mean she is not fashionably cool looking but the way she enjoys the hard metal music pumping out of the dude's cellphone makes her look cool to me.

she's like my grandma. i mean, my grandma is cool too because we used to watch wrestling matches on tv when i was younger but this lady- her energy, her passion, her desires, her moves- it's fuckinelectric.

usually, the fray of noise and the fucked up weather would have ruined my mood at this point but the lady’s electric banging of her head in synched with the beats and the screams and the growls of the music mesmerizes me.

once in a while you could catch her kissing the dude. both of them white haired. the dude looks fit for his age despite its thin frame.

she is now banging his chest with her rain wet fists.

raaaa raaaa raaaa growl and more growls came from the tiny cellphone speakers.

this lady is having a ball, i thought to myself.

i envy her.

and then i saw her face.

it’s wet.

it’s wet not by the rain outside, but by tears.

she kissed the dude one more time.

dude never reacted or moved a hair from his body.

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