lady at 5th

it was 9:30.

she was leaning with her right ear pressed at the glass walls of the watch repair shop.
her colorful clothes make her blend in with the ads and posters pasted close to the watch repair shop.

but she stood out because she doesn’t give a damn about the world except for whatever it is that she is trying to hear behind the glass wall of the shop.

i was about to walk past her when my mind gave me a vision.

it is the same usual street with the same woman only this time, an explosion happens.

billowing rubbles and flying shards and pieces of glass and rocks swirled all over broadway. that was no ordinary explosion. it was a michael bay created kind of explosion. the building with red bricks collapsed, people got hurt, run away and screamed in panic, but she never moved- the lady who is leaning is still leaning and the glass wall of the watch repair shop is still standing still as if they both exist in a different plane devoid and unaffected by all the chaos around them.

and then a bigger explosion ensued right in front of the pavement where i stood.

and that brought me back to my reality and saw the lady still leaning towards the glass wall, listening, listening or probably waiting for that tiny tick from any of the broken clocks and watches inside .


i am late.

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