i imagine tiny volcanic eruptions at random places inside my skull.
yeah, internal explosions my friend.
like random parts of my head, face, chin ears, nose, lips, eyes and every place in between would experience random inexplicable pain throughout the day. it's tolerable, but it's unusual. this is definitely a first for this human body's history.
if it is chaos, then dang, it escaped my mind.
sometimes, like split seconds kind of sometimes, the tiny internal explosions of pain would trigger my heart to either beat shorter or longer. sometimes, the heart would swell as if it has been inspired to explode too. luckily, my spirit calms me. i have set enough guards to keep panic away and the shield of positivity that i have acquired recently is helping me through this.
the random bursts of pain is well, random. am just so thankful that it doesn't explode at the same time or  god knows what could happen to my head.
would it explode like a big ball of mass?
would it explode like the death star?
would it auto-combust?
would it transform (very unlikely)?
why write here? fuck why not. if i write this at my personal journal, the account of this internal explosion phenomenon won't be discovered.
it's like synapses and nerve endings gone wild.
i can still talk, eat and function and appear like a normal being but uhm, really, it hurts.
like really, it hurts. and if i die really soon, fuck, take care of my family, please?


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