The religious lady who hates a lot of people

She is fucking here right now a few steps away from me hurling curses at everyone.
Her face is covered by a very thin purple and pink colored veil with some hints of gold. Those colors are too friendly for her. She wears a blood red robe. Now that's a kil more like her.
This lady just hated everyone.
She would summon god and then curse everyone. This is the same lady who cursed me and the robotoger i love a few mobths ago.
She is so fucking spiteful.geez.
She is cursing a group od teenagers.
Gangsters!! Gangsters!! Evil!!
Those are the only words that I got from her.
She still carries her stroller bag.
But I think she carries a heavier baggage than that.
Am wondering what would happen if she sees me kissing someone I live again in front of her.haha.
That won't happen again anyway.
Well point is she prays and that she curses and that she curaes people more and more. So much hate, old lady. So much hate.

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