they put me on a top of a cliff. it looks like a scenario from the lion king. you know, like simba's birth or something, only this time, the cliff seems like a proscenium stage.

i was looking at a vast plain full of tigers.

no fucking shit.

tigers of all shapes and sizes all looking hungry for prey. some seems like they are just chillin' there to kill time, some look like eager vicious animals, some look sleepy, some have really bright and beautiful stripes, some have nice fangs, some have bright pretty eyes, and a lot of them look like huge in-your-face- kind of felines.

somewhere deep inside me i know that my task was to select a tiger.

i had to go down and face all of these creatures looking at me with their fiery eyes.

they're pretty, yes, but i do not connect with them.

no matter how pretty and fierce they appear, my heart draws me close to a specific tiger, that one that is bolder and braver than the others, that one will forever hold my heart. that specific one with robo parts. hell yeah. he's a fuckin robotiger. sort of like edward elric from full metal alchemist but only better. this dream was weird. aren't all dreams are?

anyway, i saw my tiger, that special bold, blue-eyed robotiger. there. sitting on a stone. chillin' under the sun.


i ran fast towards it. it didn't move. i ran faster and faster and fucking faster, then it saw me, it moved slowly, darted me with fierce looks and then i fuckin woke up.

i woke up panting.

then i whispered again.

whispered wishes.

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