beautiful mess

he’s drowning and water is coming from his eyes.

he is drowning himself by continuously drinking beer from the can.

“is it marriage?” inquired the gypsy looking old lady from the rear seat of the bus.

“love. it’s painful.” said the guy.

he reeks of alcohol, sweat, sadness, fear, loneliness and a myriad of diverse emotions one usually feels when he experiences a sort of shipwreck while embarking on a journey in the sea of love.

“well you gotta take it easy man. life is like that. don’t drink too much. you are way wasted than you think you are. pain will fade. give it time.“

“thank you lady. i am fine.”

he turned his attention to me and offered me a can of beer.

“you ever been in love?” he asked.

“of course. yes.”

“then have a drink.”

“uhm, thanks. i gotta go. don’t drown sir.” was all i can say as i get off my stop.


jason mraz’s beautiful mess plays in my head as i swim, swim and swim and swim in the sea of thoughts.

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