the script

here's what i told her and perhaps all of the others like her who rejected my offer:

fuck you.
i am super thankful though.
i mean despite all of it, despite all your rejections, i am still alive, i am still surviving.

thankful that i have a decent paying job. thankful that my health is in an ok condition. thankful that i have a wonderful loving partner. thankful that i still have friends. thankful that despite the lack of certain requirements i can still do whatever i love to do. thankful that i can eat and buy the food that i want if i want to. thankful that i have nice clothes. thankful that i am still alive. there are so many things to be thankful for. there's just so many. so you don't have to shower me with pity and condecension. i am fine. thank you.

hey, it's not the end all and be all of the world for me. there are still thousands of options and you're not the only option that i have.

fuck you.

i mean no, i won't ever fuck you. neither in my wildest dreams nor during my most sexually deprived days. hell to the fucking no, i won't fuck you.

but yeah, fuck you.

and well, thank you.

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