oh ghost- stop haunting me

for some reason, the month of august always brings a series of monumental events in my life.

years ago, august was the month when someone dropped me out of the blue, in the middle of a fuckin desert city just because that someone considers my life as a complicated mess.

august is also one of the busiest months in our office.

august is the month when the inchoate conceived plans of my dad started to roll out.

this is also the month when i discovered that kuya officemate has a temper of a castrated bull.

this month, i learned that the ex girlfriend with a libido of a rabbit is now pregnant. she’s still an activist and is rumored to still have a girlfriend (?)

august is the month when some half baked sushi person traded me for a restaurant owner’s son. hooray for foodie family.

august is the month when a lot of people, whom you trusted , will make you feel betrayed.

august is the month when a lot of people who made you feel secured and happy now makes you feel otherwise.

august is the time of the year when a lot of people leave.
some come back, some look back , while some doesn’t even care at all.

oh, august is always a time to move out; and to move forward.

*title inspired by a florence + the machine song

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