déjà vu

sudden change(s) should never cause alarms especially if you grow up in an environment where rapid, unexpected changes are constant.

the market, your needs, the climate, your friends, a lot of people, and emotions- they all constantly change in a spectrum of ways from subtle to grand and back again.

that’s what you and me and everyone else have to come in terms with- change; and everything else that comes with it. doing so may enable us to be free from shock, and from the seemingly strange and unfamiliar feelings that we get whenever we encounter changes.

in the course of your journey in life, you are bound to meet creatures who will make you feel less alone or better, make you forget about the existence of loneliness. treasure them. make them feel special for no one knows when the air of change will whisper a new sense of direction to them. you don’t know who stays or leaves. you should be an expert to this. you know, dealing with these matters.

remember that since you were young, life have already taught you the lesson of changes. starting from your mom, to your dad, to your friends, down to your peers and classmates- change is a constant theme.

the important fact is that you know by the end of the day, you still have yourself intact. at the end of the day, it will always be you and yourself. so take care of yourself.

be wary of your heightened sense and act of affection. it creates a hologram of a fenced world that appears threatening to others. it’s like a globe made of spiked wire mesh. and nobody wants to be inside that huge wire mesh of a world that you somehow created.

just know your limits. yes, i know that you feel like your existence on this planet will and may be cut short soon and that you just want to make every second count, but you should also listen to the heartbeats around you. listen to what they say, try to feel what they feel, and act upon the best interest of the people in your world.

you may say that you have never felt this alone in a long time but that will pass. you will be better tomorrow and everything will seem better.

there may be a huge paper blocking the map where your friends are, but one day the paper will be ripped and gone. if you can’t do it alone, trust the heavens that someone is bound to help you.

it’s funny how these things happen again in my life only this time from a different perspective.
now, i am at the receiving end, telling these things to myself.

note: there may be another version of this written somewhere.

if ever you saw it, you can throw it in the ocean so that the biodegradable properties of the note could go dissolve and be scattered in millions of tiny little particles around the world.

burn it and throw the ashes up in the air so they can diffuse and be mixed with all the other particles of the universe.

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