my math teachers may kill me

why? because today i actually lost track of my age.
it's not that i don't want to count. i just don't want to count and quantify my existence by arbitrary codes and symbols that is prescribed by the society to seemingly gauge the values of the various factors of my life.

today, when i woke up, (despite being sleepy) i prayed and immediately become grateful and thankful for the love that surrounds me. i mean, i don't have much to brag about at this point of my life other than being blessed and loved by my robotiger, by my friends, and by the people who values me.

thank you.

you know who you are.

you make everyday worth living. fuhreals.

i may not have a full grasp of the things that i think would be essential to my survival and career growth, but whatever. you make each day worth fighting for.

yay for the birth day that is like a countdown to the body's death day.

no, seriously, yay and thank you and  i love you. :)

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