notes on a pi day

today, me and my dad had our first conversation of the year.

we live on the same apartment.

i just don't feel like engaging in any conversation with him after we had an argument about some differences last year.

but today is a different day.

this morning, me and my dad talked about death, going back home and helping extended relatives.

there's something about having the topic of death as a breakfast that is illuminating.

you think about other people's deaths and then you relate death to yourself.


death: a period, maybe. but could also be a comma.

since most humans can't exactly tell when a person would die, then it's a good practice to live a life as if everyone around you could die the next minute. in that way, you live your life (almost) to the fullest.

what i am saying is, do what you think you have to do before the person's physical, emotional and mental form leaves earth.

say how you love them, you want them. say you're sorry. state forgiveness. state words of appreciation.

this morning did not teach me anything new.

it actually reminded me of a lot of things that i should be considering. things about life and death. things about meaningful conversations.

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