hypeursentimentobia of a wind talker

there used to be a windtalker who thinks that he knows the ways of the wind until the day it turns into a whirlwind that took him in the middle of the woods.
the army of towering trees and the vast carpet of flora around him filtered and somehow changed the wind’s voice into a choir of unfamiliar whistles, blows and whispers.
although he can understand and translate a tune or two, most parts of the ensemble are foreign to him. it’s like something that is warm and cold at the same time. it is something that calms his nerves but also makes his heart beat like a crazy jungle drum.

the windtalker’s heartbeat grows louder and louder together with the wind’s fresh piece of choral ensemble. he dared not to talk as he closed his eyes and feel the raging drumming of his heart. it is gaining more loudness as each beat shakes the ground and disrupt the nearby creatures hibernating.

BOOM. A louder different kind of BOOM. BOOM. BOOMBOOM. BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM and a series of nonstop rapid booming beats from the windtalker’s heart echoes on the woods as if it’s communicating with the wind.

BOOM! the last beat that marks finale.

then the windtalker speaks to the wind. finally, he speaks what he have been meaning to say. he speaks despite being unsure whether the wind may understand him or not.

the wind, being an older creature of the universe, knows the windtalker’s language.

after the windtalker’s speech, the wind blows to the opposite direction.

everything stood still.

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