like a bird part 2

for generations, my family managed to thrive and survive in the depths of the jungle while keeping at par with the latest forms of technology. yes, we do have internet in the woods. you know those satellite dishes used by the revolutionaries hiding in the mountains? yep. satellite ftw!

anyway, thanks to the internet i was able to learn much about the outside world. i learned how super granny’s reputation have grown and evolved with the culture of the people, i learned how to do my own research, i learned emails, and chats. chats- that’s how i met lily. i saw her on this random lgbt chatroom flashing the status: bored.

i messaged her, we became acquainted and finally decided to meet. after a few sessions of debate, i was able to convince her to see me at the foot of the mountain. win-win for the two of us. she gets her discretion, i get to be close to the forest and obey my mother and we both get to meet each other. she was an instant friend.

we shared dreams, childhood memories, stories, fantasies, and weird stuff about ourselves. i even told her about the time i swallowed the rare tear of the banana heart. age old tales from my grandmother speaks of the mystical banana heart tear that can give anyone who possess it some powers. i never actually told anyone about that except lily.we just laughed it off.

we always meet whenever she’s free from filming. we eat fruits, share stories, have sex, and just enjoy each other’s company. yeah it was fun but one day i found myself borrowing the line from her chat status, i got bored.

when lily became busy doing her regal projects, i met herman. he was a tall, mahogany colored government soldier lost in the woods. perfect timing.

it was a full moon. my flirt nature lured him deeper into the woods. he later told me that he saw me as a naked and glowing creature with long black hair. well, i used to have long black hair but i wasn’t naked and glowing.

he was able to summon an army of sweatbeads as my heart beats like a jungle drum.

when he reached the deeper parts of the forest, i planted his lips a kiss. with the techniques taught by my mother, i returned him to the foot of the mountain in seconds. he returned. we became friends, flirted, played, exchange stories and got wild. with him, i can fly. on almost all nights that we spend under the full moon, we fly. i thought it’s the banana heart’s tear but i just shrug it off.

he thinks i’m supernatural.

to be continued...

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