like a bird part 1

let me tell you a secret. ever heard of that small squeaky baby chicken sound at night? nope. not a baby chick at all.

it's me.

there's only one person i know who is keen enough to recognize that the sound comes from something else-it's that guy who likes to hangout alone at the highrise condo rooftop at night.

my son.

i keep coming back to claim what’s mine.

yes, yes. i can fly. what’s the use of these huge wings if i can’t use it right?
shut up. these aren’t bat wings. see, even though i was cursed to possess avian features, i got something with flair. it may look off from afar but it’s a real beauty up close. fine. eagle wings don’t fit a huge swan’s body. but i don’t mind taking this form with a high pitched squeaky voice as long as my son is alive.


here’s a quick recap.

i uttered a spell that backfired to me as a curse. my mother constantly reminded me to never use it, but they provoked me- lily and her henchmen.

as soon as she learned about my pregnancy and labor, she plotted a seemingly endless pursuit of revenge against me and my son. out of her fury, she even revived the myth about me and my family and included it on some of her blockbuster horror film franchises.

she used to be my girlfriend, thus the rage after she learned about my affair with my son’s father, herman.

she called me a two timing wo(man) eater. i’m guessing that’s where all the body splitting and the flesh eating depictions of me came from. haha. oh lily. she makes me crack.

lily made me look like a flying savage beast devouring people, with an extraordinary attraction to pregnant women during full moon. she pushed me back in the depths of the forest just like what they did to my great great grandmother way back in the days of the spanish colonial period. super granny was a babaylan (a female priestess and healer) who had an affair and got pregnant with a spanish town leader who was arranged to marry the daughter of a general.

as soon as the general’s daughter learned about super granny’s affair with the spanish leader, she attacked her reputation. she branded super granny as a threat to the community by being an influential witch who transforms into a monster that feeds on animals and humans-a scary aswang. since then, super gran retreated into the comforts of the forests and settled there with her baby.

there she met a native and they both settled as a family.

to be continued...

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