the L drug

a potent pill that rolled down from a future arsonist's jacket pocket was eaten by the hungry soil as it jumped out the doors of bus 734.

the ground shook, the dust rattled, and the stones rolled from all directions.

the earth was in a sudden state of epileptic ecstatic euphoria that it shook everything without moving or destroying a thing. it was as if it shook a frozen universe of marching morning laborers, of consummating partners in crime, of angry birds and political pigs, of chamelions plotting espionage, of subway trains travelling back amd forth downtown, of lovers chasing each other, of dreamers catching their dreams, animals longing for freedom from their zoo.

there was an extrahardcoresuperhighintensity magnitude of earth shake that occured somewhere between the invisible boundaries of limbo and reality.

the world doesn't seem to mind for it was frozen. the universe moves but none seemed to be shaken. none, except the heart of that one soul reincarnated into the body of a cat.

he purrs, meows, and could have rawred if he can as he witnessed the crumbling and the billowing rubbles of the high walls of pride and indifference the he built to shield his heart from love and other emotions.

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