speaking of hunger

i hope one genius could someday invent a mechanism to convert your food molecules into electric signals that you can send via the internet for your recipient to download and convert again into it’s edible form.


since scientists can now culture a person’s own cells to create a new, functioning body part or body organ, perhaps it is not a farfetched idea to think that in the near future, they can also create and culture intestines and other organs that can prevent hunger. maybe they can create something that can enable to make the body get and absorb all the necessary nutrients to keep functioning without the aid of too much food? i don’t know.


i wonder if the prophesized awakening of the great mayan king can stifle the seemingly insatiable hungers of the world. hunger for power, hunger for control, hunger for love, hunger for respect, hunger for acceptance, hunger for warmth, hunger for affection, hunger for sex, hunger for money, hunger for food, hunger for love, hunger for inspiration, hunger for companionship, hunger for friends. hunger for hunger and the list goes on.

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