frigid air

lola’s pronunciation of the word “prid-ji-der” still echoes through the walls of my head from time to time.

she refers to the refrigerator unit at their kitchen. (although not exactly pertaining to the specific brand frigidaire- from the famous refrigerator brand founded as the guardian frigerator company in fort wayne, indiana)

i miss lola’s prijider and her milky mango flavored iced candies during summertime in the philippines.

whenever heat is on board, the frigid air of the prijider saves the day.


a few days ago i thought i violated some major hebrew laws by wearing the kippah (the jewish skullcap) over my beanie as i attended the memorial services for my colleague’s dad. it was a formal, solemn, and interesting activity for a born and raised catholic.

the simmering curiosity and the incessant glances i got from all the other jewish folks in the room forced me to do my quick research while the memorial service proceeds in a very sluggish pace.

a quick browse over the wiki page at my phone told me that wearing a skullcap has been a jewish tradition for males for a long time. wearing it is an act that gives the wearer an assurance that the fear of heaven may always be upon him. interesting.

spring officially kicks in next week but frigid air still rules the day.

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