tis the season to be chubby faila la la la la la la la

yes, there is work on the day before christmas.
no complaints on my part. i knew many people who don't have a choice but to work on christmas day itself.

sister and i went to a nearby themepark to eat all the carbs that our body can absorb.

we watched the chronicles of narnia: teh voyage of the dawn treader afterwards. film is ok. not so happy about it. something is lacking and some things are overly done. must read the book again soon.

saw another one of them hired santas and took a few photo snaps along the way.


Unknown said...

Well, Merry Christmas Bulitz! I hope this reaches you well in your time zone. It very well should; that holiday greeting is for 2011.

Muahness fro Pasig Citehh!

Anonymous said...



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