shit happens because

out of all the millions of contrasting prayers addressed to the gods/creatures/beings of higher power each minute, only a certain few gets a favorable response.

who knows about the laws and the mechanisms of the universe anyway?

i think most (if not all) prayers are answered.

an answer can be yes, no, maybe or whatever. why? i don't know.

i believe that there are reasons for everything in this universe.

there may or may not be a grand design for everything but i believe that people should stop whining should their pleas or prayers have not been answered to their favor.

perhaps there’s a grammatical way to compose a proper prayer? perhaps something that is not too condescending, something that is simple, yet clear? i dunno. maybe there are laws that govern proper sentence construction and narrative style? or maybe there are sincerity and intentions meter? i dunno, fuhreals.

but i do hope that everything that happens do actually happen for a reason. it will suck big time to discover somewhere in this lifetime that everything that happens is just a random occurrence that is devoid of any meaning or purpose.


Unknown said...

Hmm, religion? What fruitcake are you eating these days, Bulitz? Wahaha, but seriously, I keep a simple, practiced prayer each night, yes I do, and its to thank Him for the day and to keep all my loved ones in a healthy and safe condition. Fuhreals. Fo shizzle mah nizzle. I know it sounds crazy, I can't even believe what I just wrote, but I do keep one prayer. And I keep at it just because it makes me feel safe for some random reason or another.

Cheers you! Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

bulitas said...

apir mula sa city of angels to pasig!


uhm acid cake. LOLwhut?

just some random thing that passed my mind as i took the train yesterday. :D

merry christmas momel

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