eagerbeaver curse

as i burn my tongue and the ceiling of my mouth with the chicken soup, it occurred to me in a flash how the experience can be very similar to the act of random confession to someone from the distant past your naked, transparent, and raw emotions.

that sporadic split second decision that springs from over eagerness sent waves of shock to the senses, giving it split second paralysis that yields ripples of numbing effects for days.

sometimes the exaggerated eagerness to satiate the hunger for self expression burns.
it’s tolerable, yes. but you have to deal with it until the burned area heals completely.

you can act normal as if nothing happened, but once in a while, your nerves will prompt you of the feeling of pain.

when you burn your mouth with a really hot tasty soup, your next meals would be less pleasurable no matter how delicious and delectable the food is. you can continue eating, act normal, and do whatever you want to do with your mouth but the experience will have a diminished effect of satisfaction.

impatience ruins the what-could-have-been-party of the senses. it destroys the conception of a possible orgy of emotions, experiences and feelings.

case in point: impatience burns.


Unknown said...

This fiesta of figurative language made me hard. And that's a metaphor. Oi Bulitz, kung andito ka lang sa Pilipinas eh invite kita sa mamam sa bahay sa darating na Sabado. Ito ay gaganapin sa Building A ng aming tahanan sa Pasig Citehhh!

bulitas said...

hullo momel!

that was so sweet of you!

merry christmas nag pala!

weee, pag ako ay nakauwi, dapat kitain kita at magpa-autograph sa iyo haha

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