lethargy consumes me these past few days.
it must have been the eight++ hours of continuous work, the tolls of aging, or probably some voodoo spell cast upon me by some invisible forces in the universe is responsible for keeping me sluggish and always feeling tired lately.

anyways, here's a quick update (in photos) of what i've been up to over the past few weeks and days. i did some backpacking mode around some remote places, met some new and interesting people and learned a lot about the world and myself.

(images are best viewed on mozilla firefox or google chrome)

palace of fine arts. san francisco, ca

chinatown eatery


grace cathedral. san francisco, ca

city lights

downtown at night

downtown lomo style

sidestreets in black and white


you can also view the images here.

anyways, i reaaaaally have to catch up with my sponsored post backlogs. lol. mucho dinero was already lost. pfft.

by the way, another shameless plug to you dear reader.
if you ever happen to have a facebook account, do like my portfolio's facebook page:

your click is highly appreciated.

may the force be with you!


Unknown said...

Cute pics. And I'd read you less if you saturated your blog with sponsored posts. Does the three posts to one sponsored post still apply?

bulitas said...

hullo momel :)

glad you liked em pics.

hahaha. wala na ngang sponsored posts eh. kakatamad sila.

3:1 sponsored posts? i dunno. how does that work?
what they usually ask me is to do 200-300 words post for each advertiser.


Unknown said...

Dati kasi nung nagga ganyan ako eh may rule tong isang sponsored posts site na "you need to have three regular blog posts for every one sponsored posts." I checked, and it seemed a regular thing with these other sponsored posts sites I was subscribed to.

bulitas said...

ahh i got it!

basta daw ndi purong sponsored posts ang blog mo, you're good. yep, i think that rule still exists pero sa blogvertise di naman ganun ka strict.

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