Good Tennis Starts with Good Equipment

Thanks to Roman May

Playing good tennis begins with shopping for good equipment. While a carpenter never blames his tools, there is nothing in the book of aphorisms and idioms that says a tennis player can't do the same. So I always make a habit of blaming the balls and the racket for all of my shortcomings, even though I buy the best equipment. That is because not even the best equipment is still too inferior to handle my awesome game, a game that is beyond the present paradigm of athletics.

I believe in some ways I am a super human, put on this earth to play tennis at a godly level. My serve is so amazing that the racket cannot handle its limitless power, and that is why every ball I hit goes flying up and over the walls of the tennis court. I try to suppress my power level at times, take it a little easy, but this is difficult for someone of unimaginable and limitless strength to control. Sometimes I control myself too much, and hit the ball right into the net. Such is my mental power that even my physical strength fears me. If there's one thing I can't be, however, it's two places at the same time, and so whenever I leave for the park to play tennis I always set my home security alarm (online offer adt).

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