ocean’s dive

there should be another motive beyond pure wealth when you rob three of las vegas’ top casinos (the mirage, the mgm grand and the bellagio) and steven soderbergh’s 2001 heist movie ocean’s 11 showed us that there is indeed something more- love. the movie is not just about top of the line espionage, action and comedy rolled into one. it’s also about daniel ocean’s (george clooney) fucking drive to win back his ex-wife tess (julia roberts) over the casino magnate, terry benedict (andy garcia) against all odds by hiring a group of con men each with their own specialties to help him execute the job. i find it awesome that a star-studded movie that promotes itself to have the perfect mix of action, comedy and spy work actually have a love angle underneath. i also find it awesome that someone, though a fictitious character or not, can be willing to risk and do anything to win somebody else’s heart.

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