in this case, less is power

currently watching this korean darama entitled soulmate 소울메이트 (so-wool-mae-i-teu).

reviews claim that this romantic drama-comedy is korean drama's modern approach to love and dating. the non linear plot discusses themes about dating, love, scheming, playing, manipulating, and outwitting of each of the characters to find their compatible match, their soulmate.

the series is also a goldmine of quotes like the following:

“in the game of love, the one who loves less always has the advantage.”

“love isn’t something you need to confirm; it’s something you’re sure of.”

“there’s no such thing as a perfect man or a perfect woman. there are only imperfect men and imperfect women, who come together to make a perfect love.”

i should have watched this before. perhaps i could have been more cautious and smarter about the dealings and the games of the heart.

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