create that local connection (lesson from the one who does not leave)

“i think one problem why most of us don’t seem to see whatever it is that we are looking for these days is that we always yearn for the big bang instead of starting with the basics. we always start our search from afar instead of trying to find things that are near from us. what if, that specific thing that you have been searching for so long is only a few steps within your reach? what if instead of moving far, you only have to search local?” mariel said in one of her usual casual soliloquies when i asked her to help me locate the kazuyo sushi resto downtown.

“go try the internet and search via major search engines.” she said. “but its vast and complex networks of information around the globe will not always give you the specific result you want in a snap.”

she paused.

“go try local search instead.”

she then suggested a website that is more or less like yellowpages, but focuses more on the local level.

i gave the website a try.

and voila! i found the kazuyo sushi and sake restaurant in a flash.

the local yellowpages website can help ypu find local restaurants, local amusement centers, local barber shops, local salons, local rentals, local movie houses, and anything local that you can think of. it’s a local search engine that acts like a hybrid of other search engines available out there. it’s a one stop search shop that works in coordination with,, and

aside from the user friendly interface, the website can also help you find accurate driving directions as well as other business and contact information. reviews about services and many other information about your local search is usually available in a snap.

although mariel’s all knowing soliloquies get into my nerves sometimes, following her proves to be a good decision. she’s that kind of friend that possess tons of irritating factors but at least she never leaves your side when you need her most. :)

we ate at the kazuyo sushi and sake resto afterwards. mmmmmm experience.

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