no, i don’t want no scrub

i haven’t really imagined myself wearing nursing uniforms and medical scrubs. although sometimes i think they make a person look cooler, more respectable and more professional (thanks to e.r, grey’s anatomy, house and other medical drama series on tv), i still don’t think the combination of a lab coats and scrub hats can fit my taste.

as a person who loves to experiment with different styles that express the different sides of my personality, i am more inclined to wear random clothes at work. uniform is fine, but as long as i am free to accessorize or create a sort of identity with my outfit.

going back to scrubs, i think my compatibility level with medical uniforms diminished long ago when i was a child. my mom is a nurse. she’s always out there tending the sick and caring for other people but she’s always absent in our household. perhaps since then, anything that has something to do with nurses and the medical field irks me. not that overly negative sense of emotion, but rather a more subtle, subconscious disdain over a mother who works out there in the medical field but was never present in the household of her family. that’s it.

and oh, a subtle digress, i just remember that self-professed seer who sells native fans in one of the arts buildings during college told me that in the end, i will be married to a nurse. then he asked for 5 pesos in return for his prediction. wtf?

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