note to self: tell the boss to get a tv at the office asap

contrary to most bosses’ popular belief, setting up a television in the office can yield a variety of beneficial effects. it can provide office people and staff a quick diversion from their routines and office tasks. quick breaks during office hours are proven by many specialists to help relieve tension. therefore making people more relaxed and productive in whatever it is that they do.

many offices have the option to get direct tv for lobby. this can provide instant entertainment to clients waiting for their appointments. on the other hand, direct tv for hospitals not only entertains patients and guests, but it also somehow provides an alternative avenue for people who easily gets suffocated in a hospital atmosphere.

office managements can get their direct tvs by visiting online. from there, they can easily start, plan and set-up the instalation of tvs in their offices, lobbies and guest areas. having a tv in the workplace is not such a bad idea at all. aside from an instant break from the tensions and stress of work, people can also instantly tune in to newschannels for emergencies or newsflashes.

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