it can be the one of the grandest cable special of the season

if both pacquiao’s and mayweather’s parties would finally agree to sign the contract for the fight, expect another hit to be one of the cable specials that will rule out all the other specials that has been aired so far.

i am no hardcore boxing fan, but pacquiao’s ascent and continuous success to the boxing arena, inspired me to watch each of his fights. his story of success starting from his early years as a boxer to his pursuits to achieve his goals made him a very interesting character. my family got so hooked with pacquiao and his fights that watching and paying for dish specials that feature his fights has been a habit.

you get something deeper than national pride when you watch pacquiao. each time he receives a jab or a hook from his opponent, each time he manages an uppercut to retaliate, and on each time he succeeds no matter how postmodern his face turned out after each fight, pacquiao summons that warm feeling of desire to win, to triumph in every ordeal and challenge that life has to offer.

fighting mayweather is going to be a breakthrough fight for pacquiao. the guy is big, has a long record of wins and has lots of supporters like pacquiao. the possible pacquiao-mayweather fight will definitely be one of the grandest fights of the season, only if it will be pursued.

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