chasing the summer sun at myrtle beach

since summer crawls like a tortoise in this side of the country, me and my friends decide to embark on a quest to check out the available list of myrtle beach best hotels out there. of course, the initial step towards a successful summer vacation is to find a decent, hospitable, comfortable, accommodating, and affordable myrtle beach hotel. to plan worthwhile outdoor and indoor activities should be next on the list.

hunya, kadi, hilda, ethel, dotsie, ilia and moka would love to spend our days in the beach resort with lots of relaxing and playing to enjoy the serenity and peace that myrtle beach has to offer. i am sure hunya and hilda would love to play a few rounds of gold in the nearby golf courses around the myrtle beach resorts. those two are hardcore golfers that love to hit balls hard. lol

thanks to, finding the perfect beach resort at myrtle beach is a breeze. from their easy to navigate website, you can plan your activities and your itineraries. if you think you will run out of things to do, you’re wrong. myrtle beach is one active hotspot for people who wanted to experience a sudden escape from their daily routines.

so myrtle beach brace yourself for the arrival of our gang! woohoo!

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