valentine lss: queen's somebody to love

it's funny how i've spent almost an hour searching for alcohol when in fact i have more alcohol in my blood than i can imagine. the thing is that the alcohol in my blood can do nothing to kill the itch and erase the red marks on my right leg. i need any rubbing alcohol. 45%, 70% doesn’t matter, as long as you can use it to treat what i suspect was insect bites i got from the greyhound bus.

i am thankful to get that occasional kick from lotsa booze that i have been missing for a while. you know that kind of high you get when you are bordering intoxication and sleep, that’s what I’m talking about. i kinda missed that fleeting feeling and i am thankful that my weekend turned out really well and high. lol. thank you alcohol. thank you friends, thank you love.


Unknown said...

Oh, how I know that feeling. It is, yes, absolutely fantastic to get drunk every once in a while.

That certain freedom, that certain indifference can sometimes do wonders. :)

lucas said...

i miss getting drunk... where my inhibitions are lowered and feel free to go crazy just for a night.

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