of icebags, elbipies and wasak hearts

Thea: Bukas muli.
(tomorrow again)

Irvine: Alam kong babalik ka.
(i know you will come back.)

Thea: Hindi ako babalik, Irvine. Hindi bumabalik ang hindi nakaalis.
(i will never return, irvine. those who were not able to leave leave do not come back)

Irvine: H’wag mong ipako ang sarili mo sa pagmamahalan natin. Marami pang iba. Subukan mong umibig sa iba. (don't nail yourself with our love. there are others. do try to love someone else.)

Thea: Isa lang ang puso ko. Naibigay ko na sa ‘yo.
(i only have one heart. i gave it to you.)

-excerpt from multi-palanca awardee winner layeta bucoy's icebag 6

kiko and dee during icebag 6 

when i was a college freshman, i used to watch all the stage productions that i can watch as long as my budget permits. from the student council production of isko’t iska, to the filipino version of eve ensler’s the vagina monologues to katas ng dubai, to ms layeta bucoy’s the juggler and icebag/tarugo series. since then, i told myself that i will never leave college without being part of at least one major theatre production.

after 2 years, lo and behold, i found myself with the masterminds of the famous elbi pop culture theatre production of icebag.

in line with icebag/elbi pie’s 10th year anniversary, i give my infinite thanks to ms layeta bucoy for all the priceless life and management lessons that i’ve learned from her and from the productions. i never thought theatre is serious business until i became part of it. it is not at all about acting. it is about also about management, passion, talent, creativity and love.

ms layeta bucoy’s power to weave timeless stories of anything and everything about love within the uplb (university of the philippines los baƱos) culture will forever provide that sense of familiar warmth and comfort to the hearts of all the people it touched.


image from here and brewrats. ramon, tado and angel 

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