miss pettigrew seizes the day!

pre world war or not, shouldn't we live our lives like miss guinevere pettigrew (frances mc dormand) lives hers for a day? i mean, i do not mind all of the hassles and the troubles that she has been through to survive her day- pretending to be the social secretary of delysia lafosse (amy adams) and helping her fix her conflicts, with her men, her career, her life and her love and making her way out from every situation that she encounters with her ingenuity and quick wit.

miss pettigrew lives for a day is a movie directed by bharat nalluri that is based from the 1938 novel of the same name by winifred watson. it stars frances mc dormand (madeline, wonderboys) as miss pettigrew and the charming amy adams as american singer/actress delysia lafosse.

in this movie, miss pettigrew taught delysia to stick to her pure, unadulterated dreams, to whatever the heart tells her because following it often leads to the greater things that can fulfill her own happiness and satisfaction. it shows how the tension between the wants and the needs of delysia struggle to the top of her priority list. should she compromise her acting career with the actor phil or should she take for granted her work at the bar with its owner nick over her close non-judgmental pianist friend nick? well, one charming lady has got to make a decision and she has to make it quick.

the movie is light and filled with humor and features the acting prowess and charm of miss amy adams. she may not be a spectacular, stunning beauty, but she sure can make each scene her own.

miss pettigrew lives for a day is not only about living each day of your life as if it is your last. it is also a subtle story about love. one thing i learned from this film is that for one, i would never compromise love over money or prestige or career. for love, on its purest, comes rare. and given that love is one of the hardest forms of struggle each time we experience it, i will definitely make sure that i win.

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