walking on spiderweb

as tummy issues reach the higher authorities of the brain, a fictitious creature from a fast fading lucid state of mind told me that the fall from the walk on a spiderweb can give you the experience of something like losing that crazy feeling when you fall in love.


i feel like a character from one of john ajvide lindqvist’s novels- that one who grows brain cells in the heart. it’s as if there is an independent creature that feeds on the heart and will continue to thrive on my system even if i die.

i think it is something that eats away emotions and drinks the blood that runs non-stop on all of its chambers.

side effects include heightened perception of the senses, allergic reactions to the faintest light of hope, rapid healing of the cells and the futility of breathing- slowly, the body adapts to the new order and learns to breathe through other means aside from the respiratory system.

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