officially gleek

met some of the glee cast (finn-corie montieth/ tina-jenna ushkowitz/ artie-kevin mchale/ kurt-chris colfer/ puck-mark salling)last weekend for the autograph signing of their soundtrack cd- glee: the music (season 1).

i was rooting to see rachel and quinn but unfortunately, they were not present during the autograph signing session.

it was one of the most peaceful queue that i've been so far.
thank god uber excited screaming, and hormonally charged a la twilight fangirls and boys were not present.

glee is the new highschool musical/comedy/drama show from fox that features the lives of the people at the fictional william mckinley high school's glee club.

the show showcases a wide selection of songs and production numbers ranging from pop, rnb, broadway, contemporary and alternative genres.

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